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Just for a change, a good service experience!

Just for a change, a good service experience!

Just for a change, a good service experience!

January 6, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

This Christmas, among other things, my parents asked for a fold away reading lamp…not the most exciting of presents sure, but it was Christmas and I was happy to indulge them! My Dad had found the lamp they wanted on Amazon, and conveniently sent me the link so I could buy it for them.

So, I logged on to the site and within a few short minutes the order was placed and my confirmation email popped into my Outlook account. Job done. That seemed easy enough; it was battling Oxford Street in the snow and avoiding the crowds of last minute shoppers that would bring the biggest challenge!

So, a few days before Christmas, everything was wrapped – the lamp included – which by the way, came in such a large box that I used about 3 rolls of paper on it! I was ready for the festivities to come.

Christmas morning, my parents eagerly opened the giant box and began to build the fold away reading lamp. Within a few short minutes the lamp was built and standing up…at a bit of angle. Plug goes into the wall socket…no light. So, disappointingly, the reading lamp had a bent stand, hence it stood at an angle, and a broken bulb. What a pain!!

When something like this happens, I’m prone to a small overreaction, something along the lines of “Oh great! Things like this always happen to me, its ruined Christmas and it’ll take forever to sort this out because I bought the gift online”. However, it was Christmas day, so I managed to exercise some restraint (for once) and calmly said “Ok, I’ll look online and see what I can do”.

So, there I was Christmas day morning, logging on to Amazon ….I could think of better things to be doing on Christmas morning! Anyway, so I log in, go to my order and fire off a short, somewhat curt email about my broken lamp and how dissatisfied I am with this service. Thinking to myself, well I’ll get the ball rolling and probably get a reply in mid January.

To my surprise, and sheer delight if I’m honest, I received an instant reply, apologizing for the poor service – this wasn’t an automated reply, I received a genuine email from a customer service employee. Amazon had already re-ordered me a new lamp and arranged for DHL to come and pick up the broken lamp first thing on 29th December. I even had the tracking code for the DHL package to be picked up, and the code for the new lamp sent out!

As promised, DHL arrived bright and early on 29th and picked up the broken lamp. What a result! The new lamp should be delivered before the end of the week, and I have high hopes that Amazon will deliver a fully operational, upright lamp this time.

Although Amazon made a mistake initially with their quality control, my positive service experience has turned an otherwise bad opinion into a very positive one! Amazon were entirely customer focused, even on Christmas Day! Because of their prompt response and ability to effectively deal with my problem, I would be very happy to recommend them and use the site again.

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