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IT to Fully Embrace Cloud in 2014, Forrester Predicts

IT to Fully Embrace Cloud in 2014, Forrester Predicts

IT to Fully Embrace Cloud in 2014, Forrester Predicts

December 19, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

In 2014, IT departments will stop fighting against the adoption of cloud computing in the enterprise and will instead embrace it. They will manage cloud-based application implementation and empower the business agility, Forrester Research predicts in its Predictions For 2014: Cloud Computing report.
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As cloud represents the fastest way for enterprises to reach new customers and revive aging applications, next year its influence will be traditional and disruptive at the same time, because companies and ITs will put cloud computing into operation.

Forrester has provided some recommendations that will help enterprises deal with the changes due to happen in IT environments next year.

Public cloud will be essential for the Internet of Things (IoT). No matter if consumer – or enterprise- led, IoT will accumulate huge amounts of data points next year and if businesses want to capitalize on them, they will need to analyze and capture that data from the cloud. Otherwise, enterprises willing to analyze the billions of data in real-time will have to move the data back to the data center.

Next year, cloud-based disaster recovery strategies will move cloud-to-cloud. The first stage will begin in 2014 with cloud-to-cloud backups for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings. In the SaaS marketplace, companies are now struggling to recover data due to the highly expensive service, with some SaaS vendors not even offering such service. However, this is likely to change, as a market for backup services is rising to meet this demand. These offerings, more or less, will automate the protection of sensitive corporate data stored with SaaS vendors, which will allow enterprises to recover the data if it is deleted by accident or if it was previously removed due to a security breach.

In 2014, private cloud and enhanced virtualization will become different initiatives. Private cloud computing is everything above basic virtualization, even if it does not meet basic private cloud requirements. This year, Forrester highlighted four types of cloud initiatives, the most common of which was enhanced virtualization, which turned out not to meet the needs and the increasing expectations businesses have from the cloud. However, enhanced virtualization is critical for IT operations to become more mature and efficient, and is adopted because it improves agility and deployment flexibility from two weeks to two days. In 2014, this will result in enhanced virtualization becoming a separate initiative from the development of a private cloud.

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