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iPhone gains popularity in the enterprise

iPhone gains popularity in the enterprise

iPhone gains popularity in the enterprise

January 31, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Although we usually see the iPhone as a great entertainment gadget less efficient for work, a recent research by the New York Times talks about the fact that during 2009 the number of companies using iPhone has doubled itself. In addition, around 70% of the companies listed in the fortune 100 are examining switching to the iPhone, mostly thanks to the improved support for Exchange.


Personally I find it hard to work with the iPhone mainly due to the lack of built-in multi-tasking (although this hack is really a great workaround). As a result, I now work with the BlackBerry Bold on one hand (emails, documents and tasks, phone) and play with the iPhone on the other hand (photos, music, games, phone).

In field service, we barely see companies looking to deploy the iPhone, mainly due to the lack of physical keyboard and the delicate form factor. But also because of multi-tasking, integration with mobile hardware like barcodes, RFID, printers and more. We are waiting to see when will it be changed…


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