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Invitation: Join Our Enterprise Mobility Tips Webinar

Invitation: Join Our Enterprise Mobility Tips Webinar

Invitation: Join Our Enterprise Mobility Tips Webinar

November 14, 2011 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Are you just about to begin a mobile project? Are you looking to mobilize a new business unit or a business process? Are you thinking of replacing your smartphones?

Good for you!

Mobile projects are fun. They are simple. They rarely go wrong.
It’s like they lack a real challenge.
They are practically being managed on their own!

But just in case something might go wrong (it won’t, but just in case), I would like to invite you to join a practical webinar I will be giving, focusing on enterprise mobility tips, based on my experience over the past 6-7 years in which I’ve been been developing mobile products, and have been involved in a number of mobile projects all over the globe, most of them pretty challenging (as most mobile projects typically end up being).

Join me, it will really make me pleased:

Webinar: The Most Exhaustive, Comprehensive, Essential, All-Embracing List of Tips for a Successful Mobile Enterprise Project


  • Date: Thursday, December 1, 2011
  • Time: 1:00 pm EST Session / 10:00 am PST
  • Speaker: Gil Bouhnick, Director of Mobility, ClickSoftware

The list of tips is pretty long, so bring a pen, or an iPad, or even better, a Kindle fire. But be ready for over 50 tips including some real-life examples: difficulties in choosing a proper device, avoiding overloading of data, involving the right people, at the right time, choosing the right technology and the right vendor, and of course, tips about how to manage the mobile project, the technical challenges, and many more.

So join me in this mobility webinar, it’s going to be fun.


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