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Introducing ClickMobile 8.1.7

Introducing ClickMobile 8.1.7

Introducing ClickMobile 8.1.7

September 19, 2012 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

describe the imageAfter 6 months of hard work on version 8.1.7 of ClickMobile, I am pleased to announce that version 8.1.7 is the best ClickMobile product we have ever created! I would like to share with you some of the new capabilities of the system:

Let’s start with ClickMobile Touch:

Previously called “ClickMobile Professional,” in version 8.1.7 ClickMobile Touch was significantly enhanced to provide a much richer user experience across all mobile devices (both smartphones and tablets) as well as PC devices (laptops and desktops). This achievement is part of our long term mobile strategy that we are calling “100% pure mobility” where everything is both mobile and web based.

We made ClickMobile better and smarter; it is now “aware” of the environment it is running in, and therefore it will change its’ behavior according to the capabilities of the operating system, hardware, and peripheral devices – all automatically.

Using this “Adaptive” approach, ClickMobile Touch automatically adjusts to the size of your screen – on tablets you will see more UI elements (compared to smartphones) by using a split view, and on a wide screen desktop you will get even more options. Touch-screen based devices will allow finger-gesture scrolling while Windows-based laptops will show a regular scroll bar. Devices with a camera will allow for taking pictures while devices without cameras will elegantly hide this option.

This is where the mobile world is going and we are there to lead this change to not only make all of our mobile products run agnostically, but make them run intelligently and optimally..

And speaking of intelligent software, one of the coolest new features in 8.1.7 is our new Alerts Center, providing an interactive mechanism to manage ongoing alerts. With the new Alerts Center, users will not only get notified about important updates, but will also be able to interact directly with those alerts with a single click. Now having the capabilities to see what has changed, react to the changes, and handle exceptions, and much more. The new Alerts Center does not only look sexy, it actually adds to the productivity of every mobile user out there.

Business Views Across The Board

Without getting too technical, I can honestly say that the Business Views are probably one of our best features I have ever been involved with in my 12 years at ClickSoftware! The Business Views are a window pointing to the organizational back-end systems, designed to give mobile users the ability to view, use, modify, and even create data when they are on the move.

The Business Views Engine is one of the many tools in the Mobility Studio that allows system implementers to easily define those “windows” for their mobile users. They do so by using our visual configuration tools and wizards and building groups of users (based on roles, skills, location), data and objects that will be accessible to those users, rules by which the data will be loaded to each user (remember volumes and security are critical for mobile solutions), and other aspects that can relate to the Business View like time, location, etc.

At the end of the day, the Business Views are the strongest and fastest way to mobilize data such as assets, products, customers, shifts, spare-parts, in an easily configurable and manageable way.

We have introduced the concept of Business Views in version 8.1.6 and we keep improving it and adding new capabilities to this powerful concept. In version 8.1.7 Business Views can be created for both ClickMobile Touch and ClickMobile Classic. We added more configuration capabilities around search, filters, and forms and also added a long list of additional improvements in this engine.

Tons of New Stuff in the Mobility Studio, ClickMobile Classic, Our Mobile Platform, and all the rest!

Listening to our customer’s needs, we’ve implemented a lot of significant improvements in different areas of the product like the Studio, ClickMobile Classic, and our core Mobile Platform too.

Here are some of the improvements we’ve made:

ClickMobile’s Expressions Builder was re-designed to better support the editing process of the expressions (dependencies between fields on the form that generate the data capturing workflow).

The following are the main additions to the Expressions Builder:

1. ‘OR’ conditions were added to the engine. This means that the editor now supports both ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ conditions when creating multi-staged expressions.
2. A new script preview to better understand complicated expressions and validate them.
3. Ability to create expression on custom panels and pluggable apps – this allows disabling apps or custom panels or even completely hide them dynamically using expressions.

The new Expression Builder is the first out of a series of improvements planned for the Mobility Studio. We have great things coming soon, and the next release will include a complete redesign of the studio with a new look & feel, better collaboration capabilities and a list of new development tools for system implementers.

In ClickMobile Classic we added some extremely beneficial enhancements to our synchronization mechanism something that came about as a result of working with our largest customers.

On top of that, we enhanced the table options of the schedule view, allowing more flexibility and additional configuration.

The famous Bundler is now supported by ClickMobile Classic and that means that you can bundle those tasks and see the bundle on your mobile client with all the sub-tasks that relate to it. We are soon going to include the bundler support in ClickMobile Touch as well.

Crew Members Enhancements: With 8.1.7, crew members can now use ClickMobile on their smartphones or laptops in order to view their schedule and activities, even if those activities are managed by the crew leader. With that capability also comes a new way to configure a read-only form in just a single parameter in the Mobility Studio.

Resizable signature controls designed to better support small screen devices as well as capacitive-based smartphones and tablets.

Improvements to our synchronization mechanism to better handle large objects and updates pushed from the server side to the field.

Enhancements to the mandatory fields on the forms designed to provide better user experience and easier validation mechanism.

As I promised, a long list, and that’s without including all the new API’s and internal improvements which were added to version 8.1.7. It is a fascinating version, and I would like to take the opportunity and thank all the people in the R&D teams who contributed to this huge effort – it was a great achievement to all of us.

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