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Innovation and Crowd Sourcing

Innovation and Crowd Sourcing

Innovation and Crowd Sourcing

January 26, 2011 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Ever since the dawn of mankind people have been constantly searching for solutions to problems they face and needs they have. From Neanderthal stone knives to the invention of the wheel, men (and women) have been introducing innovative solutions to help them cope with their day to day activities.

The history of organizations is equally full with innovative approaches and products that allowed these businesses to grow over time, and even more important, to continuously adapt to changes in technology, market needs, social expectations and so forth. These ideas have typically come from individuals within these organizations that took an open minded view of the challenges and opportunities they encounter in the course of their routine work.

For ClickSoftware innovation is a way of life as attributed by the leadership position we’ve earned in our market and the esteem we receive from partners and customers alike. It is this culture of open minded innovation that led us from the early days of training grounds scheduling projects to the complete service optimization solution that we now offer.

Some of the innovative work we’ve done was ground breaking and transformational from a technological and/or business point of view but much of what we are doing is incremental innovation on top of our existing products and business. The tuning tool, that we developed and released earlier this year, is one example of how such incremental innovation can bring significant value to our customers.

Mindful of the value of such a culture to ClickSoftware and its employees, we’ve established the W6.Innovate framework that would provide the support and encouragement for each and every one at ClickSoftware to take part in this great culture and get a chance to express himself/ herself, contribute and enjoy it.

The W6.Innovate initiative incorporates a series of events out of which the first one was an R&D Research Day that we held earlier this month. In this Research Day, the great minds in our product development team were all set loose for 24 hours to go and explore just whatever comes up to one’s mind. The people worked in small teams each focusing on one innovative idea ranging from a small feature enhancement and all the way up to a complete new concept. Each team delivered a proof of concept and a supporting presentation that highlighted the value of the idea and a proposed scope of implementation.

This event proved to be a great success for all:

  • A wealth of fresh innovative ideas and concepts were presented and demonstrated, some of which are already underway to become part of ClickSoftware’s product offering. The entire crowd had immense fun and enjoyed the whole atmosphere and good competition spirit.
  • The first 3 places were all awarded prizes with the winning team members taking home a new iPad each.

Linus Pauling, a two times Nobel Prize laureate, once said: “The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas”. Crowd sourcing is an excellent mechanism to act right on this quote and is sure to pave our way into the future. At ClickSoftware we are committed to the spirit of innovation and we are continuously working to engage the wider ClickSoftware community and eco-system in it.

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