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If you could have a Windows 8 tablet right now – would you still get an iPad?

October 10, 2011 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Author: Gil Bouhnick

A bunch of new surveys and reports show that the interest in Windows based tablets is already high, and that’s even before the release of Windows 8.

According to BGR: “U.S. consumers want a tablet powered by Microsoft’s Windows Operating system, not iOS”. This is based on a new research published by Boston Consulting Group showing that 42% of U.S. consumers would prefer a Windows-powered tablets, while just 27% would prefer iOS on a tablets (iPads). Android is still behind with 20%.


It seems like those numbers are aligned with some similar researches by Forrester that found that 46% of the consumers would prefer a Windows tablet, vs. 16% in favor of iOS and 9% for Android.

Wow, can it be that the ‘post PC’ era has nothing to do with Windows?

Of course it’s hard to conclude, as those surveys often show different results (just recently I came across a survey that showed that Over 90% of tablets users are interested in Apple iPad), but as more and more people are exposed to the tablets world, there is also an increasing need to do all the daily work using those devices, and this is still limited when using iPads or Android tablets.

Which brings me back to what I wrote after watching Microsoft’s Windows Build demonstration: Windows 8 and Enterprise Mobility – Are we all saved?

Now the question is: will companies, with aggressive “tablets initiative”, continue their plans to go with iPads or Android tablets? Or will the expected Windows 8 change their plans and make them delay their initiatives until more information about the expected tablets is revealed…


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