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If Santa Claus Had A Smartphone – What Apps Would He Use?

If Santa Claus Had A Smartphone – What Apps Would He Use?

If Santa Claus Had A Smartphone – What Apps Would He Use?

December 6, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

If Santa had a smartphone, he could view and update his schedule from his sleigh.
If a good boy was put by mistake on the bad boy list, our Field Scheduling App allows Santa to view, edit, add and update the schedule right from the smartphone, in real-time from the sky. With this app, Santa has transparency with the parents and can dynamically change his route based on last minute behavior updates in order to deliver that present to the bad boy gone good.

If Santa had a smartphone, he could use a list of action items to keep him on track.
Instead of going back to the North Pole every time he forgets something, Santa can manage his action items with our Action Items View App. With automatic updates, Santa can stay aware of his tasks and priorities for the night knowing exactly what every kid has asked for.

If Santa had a smartphone, he could view maps and hear turn-by-turn instructions and voice-guided directions.
Cities have developed a lot since last Christmas and Santa doesn’t want to get lost. Our Navigation Apps displays the assignments on maps right in the smartphone. And if the GPS is turned on, Santa can hear voice-guided, turn-by-turn driving directions. If he stumbles upon a wrong address, then a Santa can geocode the address and update the system to be more accurate next year.

If Santa had a smartphone, he could send a distress signal when he gets stuck in the chimney.
After eating all the cookies left out for him, Santa tends to get stuck. Our Panic Button App sends a distress signal to the Control Center in a potentially dangerous situation. This distress signal would alert the elves to come help Santa out of the chimney and help him stay out of danger and on schedule.

If Santa had a smartphone, he could chat in real-time with the North Pole.
Our SHOUT App would let Santa chat in real-time with elves in the North Pole. He could ask them the current weather conditions that may affect the coming delivery, or get a message about an aggressive dog that got loose, or ask why Jimmy is getting a skateboard when he really asked for a baby brother.

These are just a few apps that we think could help Santa if he had a smartphone. And by the way, these are the same apps that you can use during this rushed, hectic holiday service season in order to maintain your best customer experience when against all odds.

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