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Hung, but not down and out!

Hung, but not down and out!

Hung, but not down and out!

May 12, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

British politics managed to well and truly hang itself last week in front of the whole world. A general election. A new government? A new Prime Minister? No, a hung parliament with no overall majority. No-one in overall power. Uncertainty reigned.

This happened because of the nature of the voting system in the United Kingdom and we were all gripped by the excitement of what happened during the following five days (well, some of us were) before last night’s announcement of the new Conservative-led coalition government. Today, we can all go back to work knowing that the country has a new leader. So, what’s my point?

The fact is the country never stopped working during this uncertain period. Apart from news coverage and wild fluctuation in the financial markets, nothing really changed. Businesses continued to function, and people continued about their lives and carried on working. And this got me thinking about how impressive it is that the country’s leadership can be in disarray and shrouded by uncertainty, yet people carry on as normal, seemingly unaffected.

Within service organizations, the removal of high profile people or a change in management can majorly disrupt the operation because key information and experience is lost, and working practices may soon change. But this shouldn’t happen. If the business is supported by an appropriate investment in technology such as workforce management and optimization software from ClickSoftware that provides regular, consistent, and efficient decision-making, then the day-to-day operation should remain undisturbed. Business goes on.

What are your experiences of how your business is, or is not affected, by key personnel changes? How has your investment in technology helped?

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