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How Well Do You Really Know Your Contractors? Take the Quiz

How Well Do You Really Know Your Contractors? Take the Quiz

How Well Do You Really Know Your Contractors? Take the Quiz

April 2, 2015 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Author: Dana Liberty

Contractor Relationships – A Match Made in Heaven or You’ll Never Make it Down the Aisle?

9am. You feel it.  That dreaded moment you have to send a list of service jobs to your third-party contractor.  The panic spreads through you as you prepare to send off the list – and then what happens?

How well 4-2-15 blog imagedo you know your contractor?

The answer lies in this short quiz.  With four grade levels, you can find out if you are a match made in heaven, friends with benefits, just acquaintances or if you will never make it down the aisle.

In a recent study, Aberdeen states that organizations have begun to leverage contractors more to deliver field service.  And with increased competition in service, these same organizations are trying to better focus on service excellence.  In order to make this happen, it’s imperative that you have complete visibility and real-time communications with your contractor.

Your service must be based on continuous visibility into resources in order to deliver quality, efficient and timely service. And a diverse team needs to be able to communicate in real-time in order to make sure the issues are being resolved efficiently.

You also want to deliver a seamless customer experience regardless of the technician’s affiliation.

With so much at stake, you better understand what is going on with your third party technicians who represent your company at the customer’s front door.

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