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How to reduce travel with ClickMobile

How to reduce travel with ClickMobile

How to reduce travel with ClickMobile

October 2, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

If you ever asked yourself what benefits can you get by deploying a great mobile solution such as ClickMobile, the following series of posts will try to describe some of the known (and unknown) benefits of mobility.

In this part we will concentrate on how to reduce travel time.

Some organizations still ask their employees to come to the office on a daily basis in order to report their working hours or fill in data which was captured during the day.

With a good mobile solution, all of that redundant driving is saved.

Time and attendance can be reported directly from the mobile application, saving the need to be presence in the office, and any kind of data, including inspections and jobs completion reports is being sent over the air.
ClickMobile’s timesheets and advanced forms allow a complete support of time tracking as well as heavy data capture from the field, saving a lot of travel.

Combining your mobile device with driving directions or a GPS Navigator makes sure that the routes during the days are optimal, and take into considerations the traffic.

ClickMobile’s unique GIS Infrastructure allows integrating the mobile client application with different maps, GPS and GIS applications using a common infrastructure working with different adapters.

There are many GIS adapters for ClickMobile such as ESRI ArcPAD, MapFrame, Microsoft MapPoint, Google Earth or Microsoft Virtual Earth, but the best thing to do in order to save travel time is to use a GPS Navigator such as Garmin or tomtom, in both cases you will be able to trigger the navigation directly from the mobile application and enjoy the benefits of those tools to save travel time.

Last but not least, is the ability to use real-time locations of other engineers using ClickMobile’s unique radar. This will allow technicians to find their optimal way to a required spare part which is missing, whether it’s in a warehouse or in a colleague’s van stock.

And now for the interesting part. ClickMobile is an integral part of the Service Optimization Suite. That means that it can run tightly with ClickSchedule and ClickLocate. Both, taking location and routes into considerations when assigning engineers to a job.

That means that on top of all the above benefits which are pure “mobile”, more travel can be saved by better planning the daily route (ClickSchedule) and better react to ongoing changes (no-show) and use the current location information to find alternatives that will not cost too much driving time.

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