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How to protect your mobile data? 5 security tips to protect your information!

May 11, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

The exceptional aspect of mobile security lies within the fact that the mobile devices are out there. Exposed, lost, stolen, etc.

Most advanced mobile applications use local storage of the information to allow offline work – which means once the device is lost – all the data is there, exposed.

Protecting the data stored on the mobile device:

Here are a few ways to protect your valuable information on the mobile device:

  • Filter information – try to minimize the amount of delicate data which is sent to the mobile application and actually being stored locally. Make sure only the “must have” type of fields are being saved by the mobile application.
  • Encryption – make sure the local storage is encrypted. This way it will be impossible to read the information unless the “reading” is done by the application itself…
  • Local Authentication – make sure that the mobile application is capable of securing the local data by forcing authentication – even if the application is running completely offline. Local authentication is important to make sure that even a stolen device will never allow easy access of the local data.
  • Purge – If historical information is not required for the field business processes – make sure to define a strict purging policy (for instance – purging customer data older than 2 days). It should, however, be aligned with the business requirements of course.
  • Remote wipeout – assuming your stolen device is still connected – using a remote wipeout (AKA: Kill-Pill) is the best way to protect your data (and avenge the thief…). Many device management tools include this functionality as part of their basic offering.

So there you have it. 5 security tips to help you protect your valuable information on your mobile devices.

Hope you found it useful.

Gil Bouhnick.


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