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How to Manage Shifts Like an Expert

How to Manage Shifts Like an Expert

How to Manage Shifts Like an Expert

June 11, 2014 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Author: Efrat Ravid, VP of Global Marketing

Built as a native Salesforce1 app, ShiftExpert by ClickSoftware gives real-time control to managers and employees to schedule shifts that benefit customers and employees

ShiftExpert_839x701Running a business, especially one dependent on arranging and scheduling workers on shifts, can be challenging for both managers and employees. A business needs sufficient staff with the right skills to keep operations running smoothly, but employees want to ensure their needs and availability are considered.

The market has spoken, and we listened. What we heard from businesses across a range of industries is that workforce planning is too time consuming, and often poorly executed due to constraints on time and planning resources.

To help business of all sizes plan shifts like pros, we introduce ShiftExpert by ClickSoftware, a native Salesforce1 app, giving employees, shift managers and planners  complete visibility into who works when, and deeper insight into how the schedule will impact service levels, special coverage needs and the budget. The app is integrated into Chatter, providing a seamless experience for all users through the Salesforce platform.

ShiftExpert, a real-time, mobile-ready app, optimizes the planning, management and execution of shifts and timesheets across all departments, while incorporating rules, regulations, absences, demand and company policies. This automated yet smart approach ensures the best scheduled shifts to maximize the efficiency of staff to meet business needs, while also keeping employee preferences in mind – resulting in a better service experience for customers and happier employees.

What can ShiftExpert do for your business?

  • Align employee skills to shifts
  • Specify working rules and employee working contracts
  • Plan weeks to months ahead
  • Publish shifts across all channels, including virtually all mobile devices
  • Integrate timesheet tracking and reporting
  • Take advantage of powerful reports and dashboards

Businesses who have equipped employees with mobile devices will benefit from additional on-the-go benefits, including: the ability to complete timesheets, request time off, or specify shift preferences directly through the mobile app.

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