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How to Avoid a Storm in Your Cloud Installation

How to Avoid a Storm in Your Cloud Installation

How to Avoid a Storm in Your Cloud Installation

June 27, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Clouds come in all different shapes and sizes and so do service businesses. Finding the right match for growth and success is a daunting task that takes time and patience. We have analyzed and categorized the needs of the service industry and come up with three main cloud types:

•    Enterprise Cloud Solutions
•    Small & Medium Business Cloud Solutions
•    Sales & Service Cloud Solutions

Enterprise Cloud Solutions

For enterprise, a cloud implementation could be a good choice for a new application the company wants to implement for growth.  However, as a big enterprise, you will need to rethink the company infrastructure.  There are many issues that must be examined from security, reliability and recoverability of cloud environments for your business-critical applications.

Avoid a scalability storm by: choosing a reliable, scalable service
Your business is not static, it is moving and changing and growing all the time.  These dynamic changes can affect the underlying costs of your service business.  That is why you need a solution that automatically responds to your needs, without you having to monitor and manage this fluctuation on a daily or hourly basis.

A reliable cloud implementation will provide scalability that automatically responds to your needs.  That means that servers will automatically be added and subtracted according to your needs, and it should happen without hesitation and without you having to lift a finger.

Small & Medium Businesses on the Cloud
Small and medium businesses are constantly challenged to innovate in order to succeed and the cloud is an ideal place to go for affordable, cutting-edge solutions.  The same tools that the big companies are using can now be used by small and medium businesses —simply log in and away you go. No IT hassles, no IT headaches. But you must beware of the storm that can brew if you don’t plan properly.

Avoid a workforce storm by: choosing a pre-configured package
The abundance of SaaS solutions for SMBs today is overwhelming. Check first if that same solution is available in a pre-packaged, out-of-the-box configuration. A major benefit of a pre-packaged solution is that the features are well tested, so you know it will work well. Also, a pre-packaged software, in most cases, is not going to cost nearly as much as having a custom application developed. And don’t forget about the benefits of the cloud: rapid deployment with no additional hardware costs.

Sales & Service Integration on the Cloud
The cloud is a great choice for companies that want to expand their Sales & Service capabilities. With simple, easy to implement SaaS applications, your entire organization—from sales to call centers to field employees— can instantly gain a competitive edge.  Of course, the challenges will include the consolidation of all the systems that support the business while supporting many different vendors and best-of-breed solutions.

Avoid a networking storm by: going mobile
Networking and collaboration are essential for today’s service industry with mobile apps accelerating the adoption faster than ever.  With mobile apps, sales and service businesses can be given a boost in productivity.  Look for a mobility solution that connects your field workers, call center agents, and sales managers to each other by using smart mobile apps.
Networking with mobile apps will become more and more commonplace as enterprise mobile apps become more available.  By putting a mobility system that networks in your business today, better service will be available to your customers as soon as tomorrow.

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