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How Fast Can You Grow in the Cloud?

How Fast Can You Grow in the Cloud?

How Fast Can You Grow in the Cloud?

November 21, 2014 Kristin Amico 0 Comments

The cloud has become an important tool for organizational growth and success. From small businesses to large enterprises, the cloud enables organizations to access the right data, when they need it, from a single platform. Since 2010, Jerome Barrientos, CIO of Kincare, has utilized cloud services to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients and home healthcare providers even as the organization went through a period of significant growth.

The Cloud

By leveling the playing field and enabling all organizations the same opportunity to focus on their core business, the cloud is providing business of all sizes equal opportunities, regardless of IT budget or resources. This strategy is also boosting customer service aspects of the business by enabling quicker, more targeted response.

Organizations who embrace the cloud can deliver better services (often at more competitive prices), and also adapt quickly to new business challenges. Jerome discusses how he uses technology to improve the business, remain competitive and provide customers with the best service possible.

Follow the link and listen to the rest of the conversation with Jerome as he discusses cloud success, change management, and the changing role of the CIO.

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