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How Does Your Service Organization Measure up?

How Does Your Service Organization Measure up?

How Does Your Service Organization Measure up?

August 4, 2014 Kristin Amico 0 Comments

Providing exceptional services involves a daily matrix of fluctuating demand, resources, budget and unknowns such as emergency situations. While all organizations face these complexities, some are better than others at providing exceptional service on time and on budget. What’s their secret? They’ve got the balance right.

charts869Where do you rank against the competition?
ClickSoftware’s interactive Service Index Dashboard allows you to benchmark your field workforce performance and make high-level comparisons of standard KPIs against actual performance from service leaders across the globe. You can also view your performance vs. the ClickSoftware client community for each KPI based on your industry, geographical coverage and the size of your field workforce.

Learn from the leaders — share some basic information about your business and receive tips, including:

  • A detailed report on your specific metrics
  • An overview of where you fall against the best-in-class
  • Actionable recommendations to close gaps

Learn More: Use the ClickSoftware Service Index Dashboard to compare your field workforce performance to best-in-class industry benchmarks

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