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How Do You Build a Service Culture?

How Do You Build a Service Culture?

How Do You Build a Service Culture?

April 15, 2014 Kristin Amico 0 Comments

Last week at the Smarter Services Symposium the topic of customer experience was front and center.  Expectations for great service are increasing, and the cost of bad customer service, especially for service-focused organizations, is rising. Last year poor service resulted in an estimated $83 billion loss because of defections and abandoned purchases.  It’s time to drop this number and increase the importance of everyday service.

How Do You Build a Service Culture?
How Do You Build a Service Culture?

One of the most repeated questions overhead at the conference, sounded something like this:
[I know our organization needs to make changes to ensure we are customer centric, but how do we do that? How do we create a culture of customer service throughout our entire organization?]

Ron Kaufman, an educator and motivator on service culture, discussed how to transform a service organization to do more than just deliver service, but rather provide an experience that delights and surprises customers.  He explains that creating value through better service is the gateway to developing an uplifting service architecture.

Here are his 5 tips on how to lay the foundation for great service across your entire organization:

  1. Start with “Why?”–  First, discover the major areas where you want to improve your service. From there, you can pinpoint and consolidate your organizations long term goals.
  2. Take the Lead – From your boardroom to your front lines, a shared purpose of company service improvement will generate service culture growth. A common perspective will spread the same message of uplifting service through the organization.
  3. Build with the Blocks – Prioritize and organize the building blocks of your organization. Some may already be in place and some may need extra attention, however you can leverage strength by structuring the boxes strategically, generating a proactive and collaborative service culture.
  4. Learn to Improve – Develop a curriculum of world-class service education to change your company’s behavior. With more service knowledge, people will learn to act differently so that their actions always create value for someone else.
  5. Drive Forward – Make your service improvement an ongoing and inspiring process. Steer your service culture to reach its full potential by maintaining a clear focus on the future and the profiting results you can achieve together.

-via; Uplifting Service Ron Kaufman

Remember, that while the internal change may be difficult at first, a customer-centric company will improve overall income and productivity. In fact, when choosing to do business with a company, 63.9 % of people indicated that customer service reputation is very important. Implementing the transformation to a dynamic service culture is the first step in running a successful field service organization

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