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How Data Deprived Are You? Take the Interactive Quiz

How Data Deprived Are You? Take the Interactive Quiz

How Data Deprived Are You? Take the Interactive Quiz

January 19, 2015 Robert Stanley 0 Comments

You’ve been doing service for years, but have you been collecting the data? And is your data the right data to help you make decisions?  A new interactive Quiz can help you find out just ‘How Data Deprived are You?.” Customers have less and less patience for sitting around and waiting, and with service organizations, this means a quick resolution on the first visit.  There is no margin for error when it comes to mastering the moment with your customer.

According to an Aberdeen field service report, Best-in-Class service companies that incorporate data into their decision making improve the product and service experience being offered, which is highlighted in increased revenues year-over-year.

Could it be that easy?  Most service companies are doing some form of measurement.  But what exactly is the right way to measure? And how should you be getting this data in order to make the quickest, most effective decisions possible?  We’ve put together a fun, interactive quiz to show you how data deprived you really are. Are you lacking data?  Have too much?  Or do you have just the right mix of data and measurability?

Find out now – ‘How Data Deprived are You?


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