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How Can Your Service Organization Manage More Simply?

How Can Your Service Organization Manage More Simply?

How Can Your Service Organization Manage More Simply?

October 21, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

ClickSoftware’s newest release of its ServiceOptimization Suite recently launched at ClickConnect Americas to much fanfare. You might be asking yourself, “What is so special about the latest Service Optimization Suite?” Well let me tell you based on feedback from our customer community, we have taken extra care to  make the solution simpler to use and  easier to manage while preserving a low TCO (total cost of ownership).

In fact, the latest release is designed to enhance productivity throughout the organization, affecting the activities of Schedulers & Dispatchers, Mobile Workers, Shift Planners & Managers, and Administrators, Implementers & Mobile Developers throughout the ServiceOptimization Suite. These are some of the highlights:

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Schedulers & dispatchers will love the latest enhancements. Besides  improving task handling, resource allocation and visibility, the new release will make their lives a lot simpler by enabling them to find system resources without having to change views, load and unload districts with a single click, configure task bundling intuitively, apply Gantt filters to maps and easily see the order of service visits as they are numbered sequentially on the routes.

Mobile workers will enjoy extended search and data displays including an unlimited number of search fields, easier online searching as well as pre-defined filters for every view. New apps in the ClickAppStore include a timesheet activities app that automatically logs all user activities and supports different business scenarios and regulations. ClickShout is a collaboration tool that allows users to share comments, technical tips and knowledge in the context of their current activities and expertise while encouraging participation by awarding points to contributors!

Shift planners & managers are going to love doing one of the things they hated the most; planning vacation times. The new vacation management tool makes it easy to accomodate corporate vacation scheduling quickly, with employee participation, and in such a way that the results  correspond to overall company needs and requirements. It is so comprehensive that it figures in public and religious holidays and you can even prioritize the vacation selection process based on seniority.

Administrators, implementers & mobile developers will appreciate how easy it is to create new users by leveraging user groups with pre-defined permissions from the web-based admin console.  Enhancements such as bulk updates enable admins to save time and there are new actions for the implementers to have improved configureability  with minimal customizations.

To sum things up, we’ve made this version even more intuitive with additional visual indications, higher performance and data synchronization speeds and the need for fewer clicks to get the job done.


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