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How Can You Easily Manage Your Workforce Like an Expert?

How Can You Easily Manage Your Workforce Like an Expert?

How Can You Easily Manage Your Workforce Like an Expert?

April 28, 2015 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

It doesn’t matter if you have 50 employees or 5,000, all organizations now have access to industry leading solutions in the Salesforce1 platform combined with ClickSoftware’s workforce optimization technology. The Expert App series on the AppExchange empower users to make intelligent service choices while streamlining operations.

ShiftExpert_839x701Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, Expert Apps empower companies of all sizes with unprecedented shift management and scheduling capabilities. ShiftExpert is the first in the line of Expert Apps, and was the first shift management app on the AppExchange. Its use cases range from retail stores, to manufacturing floors, call centers and beyond.

Uri Pintov, ClickSoftware’s Director of Product Management explains, “Through the AppExchange, we’ve been able to deliver a level of sophistication and quality formerly reserved for large enterprises with mammoth budgets, to organizations of all sizes across a wide spectrum of industries.”

While the AppExchange celebrates 3 million installs, ClickSoftware is celebrating, too. We have grown to thousands of ShiftExpert users, and the release of our latest version of the app was inspired by thoughtful customer feedback. One of the amazing things about delivering apps via the AppExchange is discovering surprising ways that Salesforce customers are using our apps. And we are always thrilled when customers share their outstanding results.

Here are just a few of the ways that customers have been using ShiftExpert:

Drug Researchers’ Breakthrough Discovery

A drug research laboratory began using ShiftExpert to schedule their lab-rooms, equipment, and researchers. Their research involved running several concurrent experiments, each with individual timetables. Tracking the experiments was a challenge. A short while and a custom object later, this research lab was able to keep track of its people, places, equipment, and ideas.

Efficient Classrooms in a Cramped Campus

While lectures are planned on a weekly schedule, a college found that the requirements for class size and available equipment would change often. By using ShiftExpert, this college managed to increase the efficiency of their classroom utilization and was able to not only meet the demands of existing classes, but also add extra classes to the roster.

Becoming part of the AppExchange ecosystem has constantly challenged us to exceed expectations and excel.

How can you leverage ShiftExpert and the AppExchange in your business? Discover more on the ShiftExpert listing on the AppExchange.

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