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How Actionable is Your Service Data?

How Actionable is Your Service Data?

How Actionable is Your Service Data?

February 20, 2015 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Author: Katelyn Burrill

If you ask most service executives if they are satisfied with the data they have available to make real time strategic decisions, the response will likely be, “No.” Typically they have too much or too little data to make relevant and actionable recommendations in a timely manner. In today’s customer-centric, competitive service economy employees at all levels require access to pertinent information about past and present performance for their role or department in order to push the proverbial service envelope.

DashboardforblogAccording to Aberdeen’s Service Analytics: Insight Into Field Performance report (November 2014), “the Best-in-Class equip employees with the insight and capability to improve the product and service experience being offered, which is highlighted in increased revenues year-over-year.” Let’s face it, inefficiencies in scheduling, travel and task completions are extremely costly. Imagine how embarrassing and stressful it would be if it was revealed that your region missed SLA’s 25% of the time, and this was the first time you became aware of it?

If you had real time access to the data that impacts your SLAs, you may have been able to isolate the problem and take corrective action immediately. As it turns out, a certain highway the field resources commonly travel had a traffic configuration change, significantly increasing travel times for a period of 6 months. An easy fix would have been to adjust duration for the jobs that required travel through that stretch of road.

Aberdeen also found that only 68% of users at firms scored as ‘Average ‘ are satisfied with the relevance of analytical capabilities to their job role, as compared to 99% of the ‘Best-in-Class’ (with 28% satisfaction for the ‘Laggards’). How do we flip the switch and provide the right amount of data to the right people in real time? Many service leaders employ a simple analytic dashboard that provides every business role in the service organization with the specific performance insights they need – and can control – in order to optimize their field service delivery. So, what does an ideal dashboard tool provide to service teams?

  • Self-sufficiency when it comes to slicing and dicing the data that’s relevant to you –no more costly waiting for IT to get around to it – whenever they can
  • Ability to evaluate both real time and historical data
  • Rich real-time visualization – these aren’t your father’s Excel spreadsheets
  • Access from any device at any time – think smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC

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