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Gone but Not Forgotten: Five Steps for Regaining Customer Trust and Customer Revenue

October 28, 2008 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

One of the reasons that companies embark upon the journey of service optimization is to try and improve the quality of service that they currently deliver to their customers. Perhaps today they are only able to offer their customers all day appointments but tomorrow they want to be able to offer them an AM or PM slot? Perhaps they are concerned about the quantity of customer complaints due to the job not being fixed on the first visit (wrong skills, lack of parts) and they want to improve this?

There is no question that your customer retention levels will increase if you have an optimized planning and scheduling solution making consistent decisions regarding who, does what, where, when, with what and for whom. But no matter how good the technology, every business will lose customers.

So how should you react when you lose a customer?

Jeanne Bliss of CustomerBLISS proposes five steps to identify and regain customer trust and relationships.




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