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Friday, May 27th – Coffee Break

Friday, May 27th – Coffee Break

Friday, May 27th – Coffee Break

May 27, 2011 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

It is Friday again which means it is time for another Clickipedia Coffee Break. Thank you to those who answered last week’s Coffee Break question. 

With gas prices continuing to rise this year and threatening to reach $5 a gallon in the United States, consumers and field service organizations alike are looking for ways to reduce travel costs.  Companies whose field technicians log hundreds of hours a week traveling to customer sites or other remote locations cannot afford travel inefficiencies such as technicians traveling into the same areas at the same time!  Field service automation coupled with street level routing optimizes travel routes throughout the entire day to improve efficiency and reduce travel distances, saving on gas and non-productive travel time. 

What methods does your company utilize to reduce on travel costs while gas prices continue to rise?

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