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Friday, May 20th – Coffee Break

Friday, May 20th – Coffee Break

Friday, May 20th – Coffee Break

May 20, 2011 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

It is Friday again which means it is time for another Clickipedia Coffee Break. Thank you to those who answered last week’s Coffee Break question.  Some of the best answers were “A Customer Signature App,” “Employee Directory App,” and a “Field Service Engineer Locator App.” 

In the last couple of weeks another two areas of the world have been hit with unprecedented natural disasters.  Memphis, Tennessee has been afflicted with mass flooding while Spain was hit with a catastrophic earthquake. While your business may not deal with emergencies on this scale, the service industry often has to brace itself for emergencies, such as a power outages, sewer main breaks, hurricanes, snow storms etc. 

Emergencies like these are usually completely unexpected, so the challenge for service organizations lies in having a contingency plan. These plans are crucial in helping forecast the number and types of people who need to respond and in giving visibility into which appointments are high priority and which can wait until after the emergency. 

How does your service organization forecast and plan for emergency situations?  Email one or two examples to for your chance to win a $15 gift card to Amazon.  The 17th person to answer this question will win.  Please include your full name, company name, and email address to qualify for the prize.

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