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Four Ways to Make Exceptional Customer Service a Reality

Four Ways to Make Exceptional Customer Service a Reality

Four Ways to Make Exceptional Customer Service a Reality

June 30, 2014 Kristin Amico 1 Comments

Providing exceptional customer service is a challenge facing all organizations both big and small. With customer experience predicted to be the key brand differentiator by 2020, the time to go beyond the basics is now. How do you balance providing great service with changing operational demands? Here are four tips that will ensure your business delivers superior customer experience now.

plumber in truck869Declare Service a Top Priority
When customer are the number one focus, you will instantly see rewards. This philosophy will help increase your profit and generously impact the overall view of your business.  Satisfying those you serve and they will come back, and back, for more. An article by customer service expert Ron Kaufman talks about the crucial impact of generating a company culture of outstanding service.

Be Speedy
Proactively address customer concerns with velocity. According to Shep Hyken, velocity can create confidence.  Resolving customer issues quickly and competently generates the satisfaction of being recognized. Whether it’s waiting in line, booking an appointment or waiting for a return phone call, confidence is instilled in those who feel like a priority.

Get Connected
We are currently in the midst of a mobile era; with almost every customer using smart phones and tablets 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Customer experience and mobile were recently selected as the two most exciting opportunities for 2014 and it is clear why. Customers enjoy the convenience and satisfaction of being able to access appointment booking or search inquires in the palm of their hands. This will also reduce the contact center’s workload and give you more time and capacity without compromising your budget.

Adjust to Fit the Customers’ Needs
It is impossible to accomplish your own goals if you cannot accomplish your customer’s wishes. Micah Solomon says: embrace the reality of the inconvenience of customers. The ability to shift your schedule, staffing and resources in order to adhere to your customer’s requests is crucial in providing a great customer experience. A great service provider will strive to meet the customers’ needs ahead of time, altering their workforce to accommodate the centric driver of profit and growth.

The value of your company is determined by your customers. When customer satisfaction increases, so does the value of your brand. Companies need to address all the factors that feed into service before they can succeed. We’ve created the Service Provider Challenge to help you uncover the best path to success for your organization, large or small. Navigate through common challenges service providers face, and learn how to remedy customer service, ensure operational efficiency, reduce work costs, increase control and generate productivity in a fun and rewarding way.


Customer Satisfaction
  • Sarveno

    I would like to add few more elements that sets your customer service apart from the rest:
    1. having agents acknowledge that a there is a problem
    2. Give customer’s choice around the solution
    3. Make commitments and follow through
    4. Be knowledgeable about your products and services

    put these habits in place, and you will have it much easier with customers when it comes to service related issues.

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