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Fix It First-time or Finish Last

Fix It First-time or Finish Last

Fix It First-time or Finish Last

November 26, 2014 Kristin Amico 0 Comments

Q: How many Field Service Technicians does it take to replace a lightbulb?

A: Around 1.15…

According to Aberdeen’s First Time Fix Report (March 2013), 83% of field service organizations are measuring First-time Fix Rate; up from only 71% in 2008. Why are so many organizations turning to this metric to improve their service?

pole workersFixing an issue on the first call benefits your organization by ensuring your scheduling efficiency can be maximized, while reducing dispatch-related costs.Making sure that a job is completed by the first deployment maintains a high level of customer satisfaction; and after all, without customers no-one stays employed.

Aberdeen’s research shows that the average First-time Fix Rate across all respondents was at 75%. Beyond that, Aberdeen has found that service calls unresolved after the first visit required an average of 1.6 additional visits.

Extrapolating that information, with a quarter of tasks requiring an 1.6 additional visits, you are looking at an average of 1.15 visits per task.

The above graph shows the extra tasks generated by lowered First-time Fix Rates. As an example, an organization with 300 scheduled daily tasks and a 56% First-time Fix Rate will be required to complete an additional 211 tasks daily in order to stay on top of the workload.

Furthermore, Aberdeen has found that the average truck-roll cost an organization between $200-$300. If your company is rolling out 252 days a year, you’ll find those extra truck-rolls quickly adding up, costing your business millions.

Of the tasks that were unable to be completed upon first visit, 51% were due to incorrect or missing parts, 25% were due to the technician lacking specific necessary skills or experience, and 13% were due to the technician having insufficient time to complete the task at hand.

Fixing these issues is the key to raising First-time Fix Rate. Every organization will have a unique set of challenges, but the goal is to ensure they make the most of their field workers’ time and skills.

For an in-depth analysis of First-time Fix Rates including actionable solutions, we highly recommend investigating Aberdeen’s First-time Fix Rate Report.

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