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Field Supervisor and How they can Clear Bottlenecks Using this App

Field Supervisor and How they can Clear Bottlenecks Using this App

Field Supervisor and How they can Clear Bottlenecks Using this App

October 12, 2015 ClickSoftware 1 Comments

Modern mobility makes each and every one of us more efficient while on the move. Executives respond to burning matters when they are traveling, IT managers monitor their servers’ status without carrying their laptops everywhere, web masters view their website stats any time of the day, sales people enter meeting summaries on their way back to the office when things are still fresh, and team leaders review their team’s progress even on a day off through various collaboration tools.

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The little things we do throughout the day from our smartphones make us more productive, and when it comes to thousands of employees in enterprise companies – the bottlenecks that can be avoided or addressed through mobile apps are worth millions of dollars per year. 

One of the main bottlenecks that still remain in these large organizations is with the role of the supervisor.

Field service organizations have been investing in ClickSoftware’s scheduling optimization and mobility for years. The focus has mainly been on the dispatchers and field reps, because those two roles have the biggest impact on the quality and quantity of work.  

But what about the best field people? The ones who got promoted and now act as team leaders because they were the best? The field managers or field supervisors have always been expected to manage their relatively large teams while providing support, hands-on help, and ongoing admin management services. That’s rough, especially given that the team members are often working remotely as individuals. Not an easy task for sure. In many organizations the supervisors end up spending the majority of their time doing monitoring and admin work in the office while their organizations are actually expecting them to spend most of their time in the field, with their subordinates. 

It’s time we equip the field supervisors with some power-tools that will allow them to better monitor what’s going on in their area, keep track of their subordinates status and activities, and free their time to focus on working with their team members in order to ensure the best customer service. 

The Field Supervisor App, built on top of the powerful ClickMobile Platform is designed to do exactly that: let the field supervisors be more productive throughout the day while balancing their time between office and field work. It is there to help them clear bottlenecks and solve exceptions as they happen.

The app’s status board provides clear high level visibility of the daily progress while allowing the supervisor to drill into the details in case further interference is required. It’s important, because the supervisor must see the big picture, but he/she also needs to be able to dig into each problem and help his team to overcome it. Sometimes by a phone call, sometimes by contacting the back-office, often by arriving on-site and performing some hands-on work. 

The app also equips the field supervisor with some new management tools such as important KPIs related to the team and to every individual within the team, as well as some planning tools that provide visibility of the next few days. Those management tools are all mobile centric so the supervisors don’t need to spend hours in the office in order to enjoy them: they all work on smartphones, tablets or laptops, and they all support offline mode. Brilliant. 

The supervisor app was designed based on interviews with real users from utilities, telcos and home services companies.

It was a 2 year project that involved ClickSoftware’s Customer Advisory Board, as well as other customers from around the globe. The numbers, the scenarios and the features were all driven by requests from leading field service organizations looking to get more out of their supervisors.

Think about your day without obvious things like approving orders from your phone, reviewing important documents without opening your laptop, or knowing how your team performs today without physically being in the office or calling them… sounds scary doesn’t it? 

Many organizations take care of the executive level and the low-level employees first, and trust the lower-level managers to stay on top of everything, sometimes without the proper tools. The supervisor app solves a clear and existing pain within field service organizations aiming to let their supervisors spend more time in the field while keeping track of the activities and performance.  

Do you have a supervisor role in your company that can benefit from a dedicated field supervisor app? 


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