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FAQ: Can ClickMobile Integrate with Mobile Printers?

FAQ: Can ClickMobile Integrate with Mobile Printers?

FAQ: Can ClickMobile Integrate with Mobile Printers?

September 20, 2009 ClickSoftware 1 Comments

Many people ask me about ClickMobile’s ability to integrate with different mobile printers in order to print invoices or any other kind of printouts.

The answer is: Yes.


The ClickMobile client, has a built in functionality that allows connecting via Infra-red or Bluetooth to mobile printers.

For regular printers, we are using the standard print capabilities which are exposed as part of the operating systems.
For special field printers we have embedded in our code a third party Dll which enables interaction with wireless printers, field printers, and office printers.

Printing is supported for advanced printers as well as primitive ASCII printers (yes, those old ones that do not have special fonts etc.).

The invoice can include different page layouts, labels, prices, images, different fonts, colors, and more. The printing can be done from both office laptops, tablets, PDA’s and smartphones.

Another alternative which is often used is to send a digital invoice via e-mail, and usually this piece of functionality is triggered by the ClickMobile client but is done form the ClickMobile server side.


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