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Enterprise-Wide Workforce Management? I don’t think so!

Enterprise-Wide Workforce Management? I don’t think so!

Enterprise-Wide Workforce Management? I don’t think so!

August 11, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Internet shopping – everybody does it, right? It’s simple and means you avoid those long queues at the store, right? You may even save a little money, right? But what about the delivery? I’d like to share with you my “horror” story.

It started out with an email from a friend mentioning a special discount code on first orders placed on Very – a new online department store. With the English Premier League season about to get underway, I decided to purchase the new Arsenal home shirt. Priced at £45, the discount voucher would mean me getting it for £20 – what a bargain!

I went to the site. It looked impressive, it sold all the top brands and it looked like a genuine online retailer. I easily found the item I was looking for, added it to my basket and went to checkout. I added in my special discount code and it worked. My final bill was £20 as expected. So far so good. I was enjoying this experience. It asked me for my delivery address and it wasn’t convenient for the goods to be sent to my home address (because, strangely enough, I work). I put in the postcode of my work address and the only option to select was ‘Priory Cottage’. Now, my work address is ‘The Priory’ so I started to think that this may cause some issues. Anyhow, I placed the order and assumed it would all work out. In fact, I was so impressed with the process I recommended the site to other people in my office. Now, here comes the fun part…

The delivery date was August 5th so on that day, I checked the status of my order and their was a message which said I need to call them. The message wasn’t proactively pushed to me, I had to log in to the site to discover this message. Wonderful, I get to call the Call Centre. Now picture a room full of Call Centre agents properly staffed to deal with the anticipated customer demand. Now forget that picture because it’s not real. Instead, I got “Ha, ha, we don’t value your business and you deserve to stay in a queue with rubbish 80’s music until we feel ready to answer”. That’s a lie but I did get “All our advisors are busy with other calls at the moment…”. Eventually, I spoke to a human being but the list of frustrations over the next few days included:

  1. Advisors not being able to help so transfering me to another department
  2. Having to consistently repeat my account number, name and date of birth because, clearly, their systems did not share information
  3. The systems unable to cope with customer requests slightly outside the typical process i.e having the goods delivered to a work address as opposed to my home
  4. Advisors speaking to me as if it was all my fault that the postcode did not match the automated address system details on their system
  5. The shirt not being delivered to my work address despite reassurances that it would be
  6. The shirt arriving at my home address
  7. It was the wrong shirt!!!
  8. Ordering the shirt again over the phone with an advisor but not able to apply the discount as I had already placed an order on the system
  9. The shirt not arriving when it was promised to arrive (yesterday)

I called again (today) to ask where the shirt was and they told me that I needed to call the courier company. They gave me a 15-digit reference number. I called the company and the automated system asked me for my 8-digit reference number! I was finding this all quite amusing now while telling anyone I could never to shop at this company. I eventually spoke to an agent and they informed me that the item had not been delivered because ‘the customer has moved home’. I have no idea where that came from but I persisted with this agent. She confirmed the address of Priory Cottage (I corrected her) and she also confirmed that three packages would be delivered tomorrow. Where they got ‘3’ packages from, I have no idea!

Wow, I feel so much better for sharing that with you all! Thanks for listening and feel free to show some empathy or share similar online delivery ‘horror’ stories with us…

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