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Enterprise Mobility – Time to Get Virtual

Enterprise Mobility – Time to Get Virtual

Enterprise Mobility – Time to Get Virtual

September 8, 2011 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

For service organizations, the world of enterprise mobility is complex and brings with it many challenges and considerations.  From scalability, integration, and device selection to wireless communications, security, working environments and ‘buy-in’ from the users, the list just goes on and on. Along with the huge rewards a mobility solution can bring many risks and potential pitfalls. These risks and pitfalls are strengthened by the fact that it is such a dynamic market – rarely does a week goes by without the emergence of new vendors, new devices, or new technologies.

It is difficult to find the time to absorb all of the latest and greatest information and to stay on top of key trends. How do you know which solutions are proven in the field, scalable to meet the needs of your business and have solid business models to stay in business and support you in the future? For mobile workers in the field, connecting with colleagues face to face is not always possible as a means to share information- they rely on technology to stay in touch and access information. Virtual events are a great way for business executives to experience the benefits of a conference from the convenience of whatever location they are in via their laptop or tablet.

Wikipedia defines a Virtual Event as “a gathering of people sharing a common virtual environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location”. Virtual events are a great opportunity to meet with peers and industry experts, exchange experiences and ideas, learn from others and gather information. On Tuesday 27th September, ClickSoftware along with several partners such as Sybase, Brother, and Panasonic will bring together Mobility Thought Leaders from all over the globe to help organizations equip themselves with the knowledge to make the best informed decisions for their enterprise mobility strategy.

Presentations include:

•    Key Trends in Enterprise Mobility, IDG Analyst- Nicholas McQuire
•    Advice From Mobile Experts – Strategy, Preparation and Implementation, SAP Mentor, Mobile Analyst and Blogger- Kevin Benedict
•    Implementing an Integrated Mobile Workforce Management system to Transform the Business and Achieve High Performance Objectives, Sempra Energy
•    Lessons Learned from the Field – Successfully Optimizing Mobile Workers, Editor in Chief of Field Technologies Online- Sarah Howland
•    Best Practices to Successfully Implement Your Field Service Mobile Strategy, Sybase
•    Other sessions from ClickSoftware subject matter experts including, our CEO- Moshe BenBassat, VP of Service Optimization- Mike Karlskind, and Director of Mobility- Gil Bouhnick

While in the event you will have the opportunity to:
•    Chat with peers and industry experts
•    Exchange experiences, present challenges, get solutions and share ideas
•    Learn from industry experts, leading vendors and end-user organizations
•    Visit the solution zone to gather information from leading mobility vendors


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