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Enterprise Mobility: 10 Mistakes to avoid when selecting and implementing a mobile solution

May 12, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

10 useful tips that will help you avoid making common mistakes when selecting and implementing an enterprise grade mobile solution.

MobileFever Presents: The complete mobility common mistakes guide that we’ve built in the past few weeks.

Hope you find some of the tips useful!

10 mistakes to avoid when selecting and deploying a mobile solution:

Mistake #1: Neglecting the Field Users
Mistake #2: Being the first to try new technologies
Mistake #3: Selecting the wrong mobile device
Mistake #4: Compromising on usability
Mistake #5: Settling on a hardcoded/customized solution
Mistake #6: Planning a tight project plan
Mistake #7: Creating an inconsistent mobile environment
Mistake #8: Expecting too much out of technology
Mistake #9: Forgetting the big picture
Mistake #10: Leaving security to the end

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