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Enterprise App Store Adoption to See Threefold Increase by 2018

Enterprise App Store Adoption to See Threefold Increase by 2018

Enterprise App Store Adoption to See Threefold Increase by 2018

July 25, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

The number of large companies adopting enterprise app stores will triple by 2018, according to the Enterprise Mobility Applications and Services Research report conducted by ABI Research. The report examines the capabilities, evolution, and global adoption of enterprise app stores by vertical and region.

shutterstock 135897425The growing tablet and smartphone adoption by the enterprise workforce is having a great impact on the businesses controlling both applications running on the devices and devices themselves. As the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend becomes even more popular among companies, enterprise app stores are gaining momentum and large organizations are constantly seeking alternative solutions to mobile device management. These enterprise app stores are tied to mobile app management and serve as a useful tool for IT departments, providing third party or custom-developed applications to workers.

The research firm forecasts that large enterprise app store adoption will increase 30.4% year-on-year over the period and says that the trade and manufacturing businesses will be at the core of this trend.

When taking a look at a regional level, North America’s enterprise app store adoption will rise by 20.7%, while the annual growth in adoption in Western European will be slightly higher, at 21.5%. Asia-Pacific will have the largest portion of enterprises with app stores by 2018, with a year-on-year adoption growth of 59%.

Mobile application management is increasing in popularity among large enterprises that are pursuing more flexible mobile services that can be deployed to support bring-your-own-device strategies, according to Jason McNicol, senior analyst at ABI Research. But the main problem is how to find a scalable service to deploy enterprise applications without adding more pressure to IT departments. Enterprise application stores allow a business to widen its app portfolio and control distribution based on its mobile policy.

Among the benefits of having an enterprise app store is the ability to provide the mobile workforce with applications that contain main documents like videos, PowerPoint presentations, and other work-related order forms. Other potential advantages include app life-cycle management, such as maintenance, retirement, and app deployment, as well as custom app deployment to workers.

Enterprises supporting bring-your-own-device initiatives might want to consider bring-your-own-app projects. The mainstream bring-your-own-device adoption has led to the development of third party applications, such as calendar, docs, e-mail, and document storage – all of which are used to support the enterprise. As a result, large enterprises are now embracing, deploying, and securing third party apps through their enterprise application store rather than ignoring some of these applications.

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