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Do You Know Where Your Contractors Are?

Do You Know Where Your Contractors Are?

Do You Know Where Your Contractors Are?

March 26, 2015 ClickSoftware 2 Comments

We’ve all been there – you call the service provider as you patiently wait to find out where your technician is, and you get the response from the call center representative: “I’m sorry, the technician is not a direct employee of our company so we don’t know where he/she is.” If you’re lucky, they might then say: “Let me look into that for you,” and then before they have the chance to call you back, the technician arrives.

contractor_VanAccording to a recent study by Aberdeen, enterprise service providers are increasingly leveraging third party contractors for a variety of reasons, specifically:

  • to gain an edge over the competition
  • to grapple with reduced margins
  • to deal with increasing customer expectations
  • to assist in entering new markets

It is one thing for enterprise service providers to hand off work to contractors and hope for the best until they see a completed service order days or weeks later. But the stakes are rising, and the need for transparency and flawless customer service, regardless of who is delivering the service, have never been greater. Service leaders must ask themselves some important questions like:

  • Do I have visibility into the capacity of my contractors, so I’m not giving any one too much or too little work?
  • Can I measure the performance of my contractors so I can make sure my most dedicated service partners get a steady stream of work?
  • Am I providing my contractors with the information they need to successfully serve my customers?

Use this checklist to see how you rate against other service organizations that are effectively managing their third party service networks. Because every stakeholder in the service chain can benefit from connecting contractors to the Enterprise Service Providers they work on behalf of – especially the customer!

  • I completely agree with you Katelyn. In a world increasingly with contract work, it is indeed difficult to gauge the quality of work and to make sure everything is transparent.

    At our company we make sure we set up small trial tasks to get a feel of the process in which the 3rd party competes a job before proceeding with bigger budget projects. With that being said, it’s still important to compensate them for their time.

    Adrian Liu

  • Thanks for the insight, Adrian. That’s a great way to test the waters with a contractor, but it’s also important to have processes in place to know in real time when a job has been completed by the contractor so you can more accurately measure the end customer’s experience.

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