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Developers See Growth in Demand for Enterprise Apps

Developers See Growth in Demand for Enterprise Apps

Developers See Growth in Demand for Enterprise Apps

August 22, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

According to a recent Mobile Developer Report by IDC, mobile developers are seeing a huge growth in demand for enterprise apps rather than for consumer-focused applications.

IDC and Appcelerator polled 6,046 mobile developers for the survey and found that developers are most interested in writing applications for Apple’s iPad and iPhone and less keen on developing apps for Android, HTML5 Web applications, and other platforms.shutterstock 115239742

Around 43% of developers claimed they will be working on enterprise apps, an increase from 29% compared to the fourth quarter of 2010. This is not much of a surprise given the fact that the BYOD trend is gaining momentum and that mobile devices are spreading throughout the enterprise world with more and more experts using them for work purposes. This trend is driving the need for custom apps created specifically for the business.

Mobile developers are also increasingly shifting their focus toward tablets as the next app platform, with 81% of them saying they would work on apps for tablets over the next few months. Another 84% said they will write applications for smartphones.

Windows and iOS mobile developers are equally interested in tablets and smartphones according to the survey, while Android developers seem to be biased against tablets. When it comes to operating systems, the study authors asked developers to point to the platform they are most willing to create apps on. The most popular answer was iPhone, with 87%, followed by iPad with approximately 84%. Since June 2010, these two devices have been dominating developer interest maintaining the first and second position.

Android phone, on the other hand, keeps third place in terms of most preferred mobile operating system, with around 77% of respondents interested in building on it. Android tablet applications follow in the fourth spot with 65%, closely followed by HTML5 mobile web apps with 64%. Since the middle of 2012, the interest in Android app development has declined notably. According to the report, this decline could be attributed to the fragmentation around the operating system, the lack of information about the latest Key Lime Pie and the unclear revenue potential of low-end handsets.

36% of developers are keen on writing for Windows Phone and 35% are interested in the Windows Tablet platform, a notable increase since August 2012, when only 22% of the polled said they were willing to create for Microsoft’s OS. Firefox OS is a new platform, but only around 25% of mobile developers expressed interest in building on it, followed by the Kindle platform with around 24%, BlackBerry with 12% and BlackBerry Playbook with 8%.

Overall, developers show interest in developing apps for multiple operating systems, with the average coder building for approximately 2.5 platforms, but as their interest in recent years suggests, the iPhone and iPad remain the apples of developers’ eyes.

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