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Customer Loyalty- the Ultimate Competitive Advantage!

Customer Loyalty- the Ultimate Competitive Advantage!

Customer Loyalty- the Ultimate Competitive Advantage!

April 8, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

What makes you loyal to a particular service organization?

Perhaps you have been with the same cable TV company for years?

Why is that?
Is it because of the price? Is it to do with the quality and range of services they offer? Is it because of their incredible customer service? Or is it simply a case of being lazy and wanting to avoid the ‘hassle’ of switching?

If you think about it, many service companies are actually offering the same product.

So, I ask again, what is it that makes us to stay loyal to these companies?

Well, apparently, it is a combination of several factors including price, professionalism and customer service.

What makes me remain a loyal customer is the quality of the service experience. I want my service provider to earn my loyalty by putting me at the heart of their business. This means respecting my time! I live a busy life so I want them to make it quick and easy for me to contact them. It means I don’t have to wait at home all day waiting for the engineer to arrive. Instead, they can offer me a 2-4 hour appointment slot plus I can get notified as the arrival time of the engineer becomes even more precise. It means the engineer has the knowledge or at least the means to answer my questions and book follow up appointments while he/she is standing in front of me (as opposed to me having to contact the call centre). And, I want all this consistently!

The level of service a company delivers is what makes one organization stand out among the crowd. As companies are facing tougher competition, ‘earning’ customer loyalty will undoubtedly bring competitive advantage, especially when those customers share their positive experiences with others.

What does an organization need to do to earn your loyalty?


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