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Customer Experience, Is It All About Customer Perception?

Customer Experience, Is It All About Customer Perception?

Customer Experience, Is It All About Customer Perception?

March 26, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Every service provider CMO will tell you that winning the customer’s “heart and mind” is a crucial cornerstone in their strategy. But in reality how does this happen?

For example, in the communications and broadband industry, a provider’s brand value is directly tied to the customer experience, and the market perception is driven by its own customer sentiment.

A customer’s experience is not just about a rational experience (e.g. how quickly a broadband connection was fixed, installation lead time, mean time to repair, etc.). More than 50 percent of a customer’s experience is subconscious, or how a customer sees his or her experience.

In Communications & Broadband Customer Life Cycle, research shows that the two major touch-points that affect customers the most:

  1. During a billing issue dispute
  2. During a fault or repair

Service providers do try to measure issues, such as time to closure and mean time to repair. In recent years as the installed base of customers to service provider‘s employees ratio increased, service providers have moved to a more proactive mode. An attempt to eliminate problems that most affect the customer – mainly cost and service reliability issues – has become a top priority, as being connected is becoming just as essential as the water and electricity supply.

So what is the answer? Well to start, there is no real one answer, but we can go back to basics. We know that we appreciate professionalism and competence. When you are most hit by something exceptional, you appreciate someone coming to the rescue who is professional and a master of competence in their field.

What should service providers do in the fierce competition on broadband? They ought to invest every free dollar into raising the bar and setting a high service standard gradually.

Technical problems and price considerations will always be a part of the equation, but it is important to ensure that when your customer is hit by an interruption in service, the best field service person is sent to resolve the issue. When they pick up the phone to complain about their bill, they need to be connected to the right customer representative with full competence in the service provider’s price-plans, billing process, etc.

Investing and measuring improvements in your internal skills and providing more profound aid tools are direct investments that can create brand value and a strong market share through customer satisfaction.


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