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Common mistakes in enterprise mobility – Security

Common mistakes in enterprise mobility – Security

Common mistakes in enterprise mobility – Security

May 12, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Well, we finally did it.
Welcome back to the last chapter of our never ending guide: 10 mistakes to avoid when implementing an enterprise mobile solution.

Are you ready for it? Let’s do this:

Today we will cover an important topic: Security.

Security is an integral part of any mobile architecture, which means the topic is up on the table from the very first stages of the project.

Still, from my experience, too many times the actual security tests (or should I say: real architecture tests) usually take place too close to the go-live date. Mainly because it’s much easier to test features and modules on the test environments.

Mistake #10: Leaving security to the end

Production systems always have additional complexity that relates to security, scalability, legacy systems and more. It’s naïve to think everything will just work smoothly.

Tip#10: When planning a mobile project – make sure to have a specific milestone for building a secured environment that will simulate the production farm. It has a better chance to uncover and solve problems in advance that would otherwise occur at the last minute just before the go-live.

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