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Coming Soon: Service Chain Optimization For Dummies, the minibook!

Coming Soon: Service Chain Optimization For Dummies, the minibook!

Coming Soon: Service Chain Optimization For Dummies, the minibook!

November 18, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Many months ago at the beginning of 2009, I was invited to attend an industry analyst’s CRM event in London and in between attending various briefings and presentations I walked the floor in the exhibition hall to see what the numerous software vendors were promoting. Being mostly unfamiliar territory, many of the exhibitors were not known to me and, to be honest, it became somewhat tiresome repeating the same “So, tell me what you do” line.

One particular vendor surprised me however by just handing me a small minibook, branded in the globally recognizable ‘For Dummies’ format that explained to me the basics of their business, products, and proposition. It was brilliant! I found myself reading sections while walking around the exhibition, on the train home, at home, and in the office. It gave me a fabulous insight into their business and I will always now remember what they do. I have since forgotten the details of all of the other vendors at that event and would have to look them up instead.

And this got me thinking. I have been in many sales and marketing situations where the “Tell me about ClickSoftware” subject comes up and despite how well practiced you can be with delivering the message, there’s always the chance of this being altered, misunderstood, rushed, or quickly forgotten. This led to me making an internal proposal to write a similar minibook that outlines the basics behind Service Chain Optimization. And the minibook has a variety of audiences – prospective and current customers and partners, investors, analysts, and consumers all have an interest in knowing what this subject is, how it works, and what benefits it brings. And it can be read at your leisure.

So I am pleased to announce today that ‘Service Chain Optimization For Dummies’ is due for release around mid December 2009, and I wanted the readers of Clickipedia to be among the first to know. I can’t be more precise about the release date yet as I am still reviewing and approving the final proofs, but it’ll be somewhere around that timeframe.

It’s a minibook, meaning that it fits inside your pocket and briefcase, it can be read anywhere, and it’s around 56 pages in length covering the basics. It epitomizes everything ClickSoftware stands for and the market that we created – thought leadership, and leading from the front. It doesn’t go into product details, it keeps things educational while using a very conversational tone. If you want to know what ClickSoftware does, then read this minibook!

The minibook will be a limited edition offering and available in digital and printed formats. Keep an eye on ClickSoftware’s website over the coming weeks when we will launch a pre-registration page for you to reserve your copy. As we get closer to the launch, I’ll post more details here on Clickipedia and via our page on Twitter –


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