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Cloud Adoption Rate Hits 75% in 2013

Cloud Adoption Rate Hits 75% in 2013

Cloud Adoption Rate Hits 75% in 2013

July 8, 2013 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

According to the third Future of Cloud Computing survey, conducted jointly by Venture Partners, GlassHouse Technologies and GigaOM Research, 75% of those polled now use some form of cloud computing, which is an increase by 8% from 2012 – when cloud adoption rate stood at 67%.

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The survey, which interviewed 855 IT suppliers, decision-makers, and chief information officers, found that the growing cloud adoption was driven by the fading security concerns over cloud-based solutions. “Cloud computing is gradually expanding thanks to consumers and self-empowered enterprises regardless of IT professionals,” said the general partner at North Bridge Venture Partners, Michael Skok. “As a result, IT professionals are making huge investments in both adopting public infrastructure and adapting internal infrastructure to meet the growing demand. At the same time they are addressing regulation and compliance issues through various methods,” Skok added.

Cloud interoperability enables users to transfer workloads and applications between public and private clouds or from one public cloud to another one. As a result, IT teams are able to choose the best technology for their applications and avoid a single supplier dependency. Yet experts are concerned that the lack of any cloud standards has enabled suppliers to build cloud services on software stacks that are not compatible with public cloud stacks. This results in low or difficult portability and interoperability.

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The survey also showed that software as a service (SaaS) is still the most popular cloud service, but infrastructure as a service (IaaS) has experienced the largest growth of 29% from 2012.

But what comes as a surprise is the fact that only a small percentage of those polled pointed cost savings as their top benefit of deploying cloud services. In the mid-2000s, lower expenses were considered one of the key factors for cloud adoption in the first place. Now, IT executives who believe that cloud computing services result in lower expenses declined by almost half to 10%, while those who expect spending to grow increased to 30%. The survey displays the gap between primary predictions of the mid-2000s and the reality when it comes to key benefits of embracing the cloud.

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