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ClickSoftware Salutes the Extreme Workers of the World

ClickSoftware Salutes the Extreme Workers of the World

ClickSoftware Salutes the Extreme Workers of the World

April 13, 2015 Kristin Amico 0 Comments

The world’s mobile worker population represents about 37 percent of the total workforce. That’s a lot of workers on the roads, in the field, making house visits, and in remote locations from oil platforms in the Gulf to mines in the Arctic. To salute the hard and often under-appreciated work of more than a third of the workforce, ClickSoftware launched the Most Extreme Destinations competition. We invited people to send in pictures of where they work on a daily basis to share their views. Winners were selected across each of the EMEA and Americas region.

Gary Mullen was crowned as the winner of the EMEA region for his picture of colleagues transferring from the ship to the oil rig out at sea. He will receive £1,000 for a chosen charity of his choice, Headway Highland.

boat to rig transfer

Rob Semerdjian of Ledcor took the prize in Americas for his submission of a crew on site during a major fire at Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada. He will receive $1,500 towards his charity—the United Way of Slave Lake.

Ledcor Slave Lake Fire

ClickSoftware felt it important to highlight and champion the people who work in some of the most extreme and sometimes dangerous places across the world. What may seem like an extreme location to most, such as hanging off telephone poles or being surrounded by darkness down a mine, is simply the everyday office to the world’s field workers. The caliber of photos we received show the lengths that these workers go to every day to safeguard everyday convenience for the rest of us by ensuring the gas flows and the lights stay on.

You can see the shortlist of entries here.



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