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ClickSoftware Mobility Suite – Released

ClickSoftware Mobility Suite – Released

ClickSoftware Mobility Suite – Released

November 24, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

ClickSoftware announced today the launch of the ClickSoftware Mobility Suite that will allow companies to seamlessly extend the power of enterprise systems to employees via their mobile devices, whilst also sharing with back-end systems the critical information on activities that they complete in the field. The mobility suite is available as a standalone product but it can also be easily extended, if required, to include other parts of ClickSoftware’s ServiceOptimization Suite.

Exciting news, that come after some really intensive years of a huge investment in the development of our mobile applications.

Personally I’m extremely happy with the results, as well as the large number of customers joining us since we started this particular mobile journey.

As usual, here at the Mobile Fever, we will continue to update and write about new achievements, products, releases, interesting findings and of course, anything that might be beneficial to our customers involving mobile technologies around the world!

The ClickSoftware Mobility Suite is available in 3 different variations, to suit the individual needs of every service organization:

  • Advanced Edition: a comprehensive mobile solution featuring development, back office, and integration tools, which works with a wide range of mobile devices from PDAs and laptops to smartphones, UMPCs, and tablets.
  • Foundation Edition: entry level edition, which is device agnostic and suitable for any size service organization.
  • Blackberry Edition: extends the ClickSoftware Mobility Suite to those service organizations with a RIM mobile strategy.

You can read more about it in our product page.


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