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ClickSoftware and Apples? You’d Never Believe It!

ClickSoftware and Apples? You’d Never Believe It!

ClickSoftware and Apples? You’d Never Believe It!

July 16, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

As an organization that is listed on the Nasdaq, the open trading of our stock is very common and there is therefore quite a large personal ownership of ClickSoftware’s stock. And, on the whole, we have no idea who you are. Yes, there are the institutional investors, and employees, but a large proportion of the stock is owned by, well, whom? You are anonymous…with some exceptions.

One of our known long-term personal investors is an insightful man, who posts often astute messages onto financial forums evangelizing and analyzing ClickSoftware. And how do I know this? Simple, I read them, all of them. It’s a great barometer about personal investors’ sentiments and, of course, gossip and rumor! (I’d hate to be the last to find out!) He is, unquestionably, a major supporter of ClickSoftware – our products, and the organization as a whole.

And what does he do for a living? He grows apples.

Now, this got me thinking. What does a software vendor that creates intelligent optimization technology for the efficient scheduling of mobile resources have in common with apple growing? Other than desiring potential increases in the stock price, obviously your answer is ‘absolutely nothing whatsoever’. And, of course, you’d be wrong…so don’t be so hasty! Here’s my view.

Every day, many thousands of field resources are assigned to service events using our products across multiple industries – telecommunications, utilities, retail, healthcare, home services, and hi-tech are just some examples. And at the end of every service event is a customer or a consumer. If there’s a power outage then we want our supply restored ‘now’. If we have ordered a new kitchen appliance, then we want it delivered tomorrow, and not next week. If our broadband service is down then we can’t live and communicate anymore so, again, we want our service restored immediately! You get the picture – the customer is becoming increasingly demanding and the more service organizations meet those demands, the more customers’ expectations will increase that service quality will become “even better” next time.

And this is where ClickSoftware’s products enter the story. By driving the maximum efficiency from service organizations we can, and do, make customers’ lives better. Service is restored faster. Products are delivered more quickly. Appointment windows are more precise. Customers are happier. This is the essence of ClickSoftware and why personal investors promote our products. The more service organizations that are utilizing optimization software for the management of their mobile workforce, the better it is for everyone.

So whether you grow apples for a living, milk cows, or anything else, ClickSoftware’s products touch the lives of people who don’t even know that we’re a major part of creating satisfaction in their lives. ClickSoftware wants our customers to be excellent and make their customers happy – that’s the common connection between optimization software and any trade.

To our apple-growing personal investor (you know who you are, and I know you read this blog), thank you for your ongoing support of ClickSoftware!

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