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ClickMobile: When Mobile Web Meets The Enterprise

ClickMobile: When Mobile Web Meets The Enterprise

ClickMobile: When Mobile Web Meets The Enterprise

March 30, 2012 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

IT consumerization is here. It’s getting stronger every day and that impacts all of us. As users, we get more options, we can become more productive on the move, but we also take our work with us everywhere. As business organizations, it means a lot of changes to the way we secure our data, manage our knowledge, hardware, and software.

ClickMobile Professional, one of the first enterprise mobility products to utilize latest HTML5 technologies, has been around for over 2 years. ClickSoftware has been one of the first enterprise software companies to identify the potential of that technology, and make an innovative more. The product is specifically designed to run multiple mobile apps on multiple devices and different platforms in an “agnostic way”.

While your business users may prefer to use their own devices (based on their personal preferences) – ClickMobile will allow all of them to connect to your multiple back-end systems from their iPhones, iPads, Android phones or tablets, BlackBerry PlayBooks, or even their PC’s or Mac computers.

It’s Device Agnostic. It’s simple to manage and maintain. It can be used with zero footprint or by using a hybrid approach (HTML5 client running inside a native application). All the options are there for you to choose from, based on your business needs.

But the best thing with the new ClickMobile is that it uses the latest HTML5 capabilities to run completely offline in a disconnected mode, in addition to using the same robust, solid-rock, thick ClickMobile Server mechanism to support store & forward capabilities.

Your users are working disconnected? They don’t feel it, they just keep on doing what they need to, and the updates are stored (both in the client side and the server side). The show goes on. Productivity raises. The organization wins.

But that’s not all; ClickMobile’s intelligent server can be used to perform intermediate processing, and thus significantly reduce the load form your back-end systems in an intelligent way (that load that is constantly increasing due to a constantly growing number of mobile users).

Excited? Well, you should be. But wait, there’s even more: ClickMobile comes with an advanced set of visual configuration tools (packed inside the Mobility Studio) allowing IT or system implementers to visually build, manage and configure ClickMobile apps on top of the underlying platform. (There are more about those apps, as you will shortly discover, but I will wait a little bit with that part… so stay tuned for more great news to come).

The Mobility Studio, ClickMobile’s visual IDE will let you visually design your mobile forms, views, workflows, validations, and will provide tools for rapidly modify specific features on the move, as well as adding new capabilities as your organization evolves.

We have seen a tremendous momentum around this product, which goes along with the changes in worldwide mobile IT: more smartphones – less laptops, more tablets – less PDA’s. a lot of the “Mobile-Web” – less native, platform-specific features.

The changes are happening and ClickMobile Professional keeps our customers aligned with with IT Consumerization, while keeping a strong productive mobile environment for their end users.


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