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ClickMobile Running on Windows Mobile 6.5.3

January 25, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Following today’s earlier post about the quiet release of Windows Mobile 6.5.3, we’ve decided to give it a decent test, and see how will ClickMobile look like when running on the new version of Windows Mobile.

So here it is:

ClickMobile running on Windows Mobile 6.5.3:

As you can see the top area was completely replaced with a smaller notifications bar. Clicking on it opens up a new improved notifications window.

In the bottom area, the traditional OK/X button now falls into the bottom right corner, the 2 soft menus are still located in a similar manner, and the start menu is now where it should be in the bottom left corner…

All of those buttons are now completely finger friendly.

I must say I really like the changes Microsoft did, especially placing the OK or X button in the lower area, making it much easier to reach it with the thumb.


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