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ClickMobile Client for BlackBerry – Released

ClickMobile Client for BlackBerry – Released

ClickMobile Client for BlackBerry – Released

October 27, 2009 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

A few weeks ago ClickSoftware has released a new ClickMobile client for BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry devices have been with us for almost a decade, but in the last couple of years RIM really managed to find the perfect combination of useful and productive handsets, along with a solid and friendly form factor.

RIM was recently announced as the fastest growing technology company in the world.

ClickMobile for blackberry is compatible with multiple blackberry devices and was developed with close orientation to the operating system user interface standards. It means that BlackBerry users will find it extremely intuitive and simple to use ClickMobile in order to view and maintain their daily schedule, report their progress, capture data, fill-in completion reports, and report the parts they have used during their work.

ClickMobile for BlackBerry (slangily called: the ClickBerry), is easy to deploy, and can be distributed over the air.

Deployment of ClickMobile on BlackBerry handsets is already taking place and the first customer to use it will be APX-Alarm.

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