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ClickMobile Advanced Version 8.1.1 Released!

ClickMobile Advanced Version 8.1.1 Released!

ClickMobile Advanced Version 8.1.1 Released!

June 14, 2010 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

The new release of the Mobility Suite is without a doubt the best one yet, and includes a lot of significant enhancements to the ClickMobile Advanced Edition:

Push and Emergency Handling:

With a set of new capabilities, ClickMobile now can better support emergencies from the back-end/dispatch side, all the way to the field, handling the emergencies and back to the back-end side.

Under this category you will find some new technical capabilities like a real push and messages prioritization packed inside some new business oriented capabilities optimized for emergency scenarios.

A New User Interface for PDA / Smartphone:

The Windows Mobile version of ClickMobile Advanced now has a completely new look and feel and it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Views are now completely finger friendly, optimized for touch screen based devices, aligned with latest smartphones OS standards. Pure joy!

The UI facelift also includes a significant performance boost to the ClickMobile forms.

Enhancements to the Widgets Engine:

ClickMobile Widgets are a great way to include intuitive and useful information and “mini-apps” such as calendars, shifts switchers, resource radars, commonly used files, and much more. With 8.1.1 managing widgets is much easier with some new capabilities such as expand/collapse and more…

Gartner has recently mentioned web widgets as one of the mobile technologies to pay attention in 2010/2011 and guess what? With ClickMobile any web widget can be added easily! That means that organizational widgets such as news, RSS feeds, technical facts, videos, and more – all can become part of ClickMobile with a simple configuration.

Forms Editor Enhancements:

Like in every version, we just LOVE our powerful Forms Editor, the brain behind all the forms goodness.

In version 8.1.1 we made it even better by adding the following capabilities:

  • Camera integration to the forms controls
  • Global validations and dependencies
  • Regular expressions as part of the validations engine
  • Right-to-left support

ClickMobile Development Kit:

As our business API’s became bigger and stronger, we’ve decided to turn it into a plug-in on top of Microsoft Visual DevKit Studio. This allows developers to easily start and maintain a ClickMobile project in which they can do practically… anything! From adding new capabilities, business modules native widgets and product add-ons, to manipulating the OOTB activities using simple scripts.

The development kit makes developing with ClickMobile even easier than in the past, with a bunch of examples, best practices and a lot of built-in classes and code snippets.

That’s it for this version, a lot of great activities is in progress to assure 2010 will also be a great mobility year for ClickSoftware.

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