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ClickMobile 7.5.7 SP3 – Patch 1 Released!

ClickMobile 7.5.7 SP3 – Patch 1 Released!

ClickMobile 7.5.7 SP3 – Patch 1 Released!

October 9, 2009 The Clickipedia Blog Team 0 Comments

The mobile fever continues and we have just released a small but meaningful patch for 7.5.7 Service Pack 3.

The patch includes only solutions to some of our customers requests.

You ask – we deliver!

Support Local Backup:

ClickMobile advanced forms allows long and detailed completion reports, field inspections, parts execution and other types of data capturing.

While working on those forms, users might want to temporarily save their current work without submitting it to the back-end system.

Occasional reasons might be launch breaks, battery shortage, or simple backup reasons.

For those situations we have added a built-in mechanism to ‘Backup’ and ‘Restore’ the temporary data and maintain local backups stored on the device.

Notice that this functionality is mostly relevant to long tasks with high amount of data fields. The new feature will be available only for the PC version of ClickMobile.

Better Support for Task Suspension Scenario

There are situations in which an emergency job is being pushed to a specific field resource, and requires that he will stop what he is currently doing, and hurry up to solve the emergency case.

In such cases, all current activities should be suspended. The person who will handle the emergency should head over to the emergency site while the partial work he had done should be saved, sent to the back-end systems so that the person who will eventually need to continue his work (sometimes it’s the same person) will have all the information in front of him.

In order to better support this scenario, we have added a built-in support for job suspension.

Using the Forms Editor, a suspension workflow is configured (a flag is defined, whether it’s a particular status, or any kind of field which will represent a suspended job), and applied to the mobile clients.

For the end users, having this capability allows them to manually switch to a suspension mode, and by doing so, all the validations, mandatory fields and other administrative tasks will become disabled in order to allow a quick wrap-up. Within 2-3 clicks the job is suspended while preserving all the information which was already entered by the user for future use.

Zoom Level for the ClickMobile Client

Based on a customers’ requests, we have added zoom level support to the ClickMobile PC Client.

The new functionality includes 3 modes: Normal, Large and Largest – which control the font size of the entire application main screen.

Users can easily switch between those 3 zoom levels by using a new menu item.

The rest of the application, as usual, can include different forms based on the configuration done by the Forms Editor therefore define “control specific” font size.

More UI Flexibility

Continuing the endless flexibility we expose in our ClickMobile clients, we added a few additional capabilities to show/hide UI elements in the main screen.

More information about Service Pack 3

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