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Clickipedia’s Week in Review

Clickipedia’s Week in Review

Clickipedia’s Week in Review

July 6, 2012 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Welcome back to Clickipedia’s Week in Review. What’s new this week in Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Workforce Management?

  • Enterprise Mobility app stores are gaining traction, what does your business need to know to move to this model, and what’s in store for the CIO? CIO Magazine offers a primer.
  • While the much-maligned BlackBerry helped organizations think in terms of mobile communications, eWeek argues it was the iPhone that really ushered in Enterprise Mobility as we know it.  And now that enterprise mobility is here to stay, let’s look at the numbers:

∙ 3/4 of all mobile apps in 2012 will be integrated with enterprise services
∙ 80% of all mobile apps developed in 2012 will be integrated with social networking services
∙ Half of all mobile apps developed will be connected and integrated with cloud application platforms

  • Mobility solutions increase productivity, especially for field workers, but a recent study shows that many Americans may be TOO productive. The survey points out that 80% of people continue working after leaving the office, averaging seven more hours of work per week.
  • What impact does this week’s breakthrough announcement by CERN about the Higgs boson particle have on your organization? The answer is in the data! Computerworld explains how large grid computers and sophisticated data analysis led to the findings – since the particle could only be discovered after digging through 20 million gigabytes of data produced annually. While your service business doesn’t produce that much data, the data you do collect is vital. ClickSoftware’s recent webinar on fine tuning metrics explains how to collect and analyze your data to be sure it’s driving your business goals forward.

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