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Clickipedia’s Week in Review

Clickipedia’s Week in Review

Clickipedia’s Week in Review

May 11, 2012 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

Welcome back to Clickipedia’s Week in Review. What’s new this week in Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Workforce Management?

  • While field service companies have long relied on some form of mobile technology, the new breed and availability of hardware, especially iOS devices, has made the move to an end-to-end mobile solution a must.  Questar Gas recently completed a deployment of iPhones and Toughbooks, and describes the impressive benefits gained from accessing information in real-time. One of the many benefits was an improved customer experience.
  • And in the age of social media, another study reaffirms that customer service is indeed an important corporate differentiator. Unhappy customers are increasingly taking their bad experiences online to broadcast to the world. In addition, the study found that happy customers tend to spend substantially more money with companies that exceed expectations.custserv
  • BYOD continues to gain among SMBs, while IT departments remain split on the trend. Meanwhile, new data continues to support the anecdotal evidence that iOS devices are indeed the preferred hardware among enterprise users.
  • Will the iPhone 5 have features that even better support enterprise mobility? eWeek explores likely features.
  • Kevin Benedict and Hadar Shafir discuss ClickAppStore, and the benefits of streamlined, enterprise apps.

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