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ClickAppStore – Towards Better, Simpler Enterprise Mobility

ClickAppStore – Towards Better, Simpler Enterprise Mobility

ClickAppStore – Towards Better, Simpler Enterprise Mobility

April 17, 2012 ClickSoftware 0 Comments

We are very happy to announce the opening of the ClickAppStore – ClickSoftware’s unique DIY app store for the mobile enterprise. ClickAppStore offers ClickMobile customers ready-to-use mobile apps that can be embedded within existing ClickMobile environments without upgrading. The concept of a DIY app store ensures ready-to-use apps can be integrated in any existing ClickMobile environment, and enables seamless integration of multiple apps to create a variety of new combinations that work with any back-office system.

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There are several mega-trends driving the process of modernization today:

  • Evolving business models and a fast-paced work environment are forcing the enterprise to change their business models and the process their employees follow on a daily basis
  • Technology advancements, such as the rise of smartphones and tablets as the mobile device of choice, increase the speed of business change, leading to new business opportunities
  • An evolving workforce is driving management to move forward with the IT consumerization revolution, offering new ways to collaborate and closing the circle between field employees, back-office and the end consumers

This all means that the speed of change for mobile enterprise solutions must be higher, relying on constant change to match the evolving business environment and supporting frequent updates that are hassle free.

These modernization trends lead us at ClickSoftware to rethink the way we see mobility and to rethink the way we define ClickMobile, our enterprise mobility solution.

We already know that a workforce that is perpetually connected to the back-office and able to easily communicate back and forth is a better workforce. We already know that an organization that is agile, can easily and quickly adapt to business-driven changes, and to feedback from the field is a better organization. And now we have the ClickAppStore to help our customers be those better, even more productive organizations.

The ClickAppStore, together with ClickMobile and the mobility platform tools, is unique in several aspects, as it enables our customers to do the following:

  • Download – browse our catalog of ClickApps, find an app that fits your needs, and download it. The best part is that ClickMobile customers can find and add new functionality to their solution without having to upgrade or start a complicated implementation project.
  • Configure – all ClickApps are designed to fit into existing ClickMobile environments using configuration via the Mobility Studio, our visual configuration tool, so they can be installed in existing solutions as well as in new ones.
  • Integrate – the power of our DIY app store is that in combination with the Mobility Studio it is possible to combine several ClickApps and integrate them into a new complex unit that supports a new business workflow or provides additional capabilities to ClickMobile. Because all ClickApps are designed as configurable components that can integrate with the platform, the new workflow will become an integral part of the mobile solution, enabling streamlined communication to the back-office.
  • Create – using the same tools, ClickMobile customers can also create completely new apps from scratch and embed them in their mobile solution, all without writing a single line of code.

It’s a smarter way to build your mobile solution – integrate apps to achieve all the functionality that your organization needs. It’s a better way to implement a mobile solution, with the Mobility Studio providing the best means to configure and integrate apps. It’s a simpler way for enterprise mobility – add the apps that your mobile workforce needs, and only those apps, to provide your employees with all the tools they need to do the best possible job.

To learn more, visit the ClickAppStore.

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